Hi, I'm Clare...

And I'm the girl in the room making the bold choices.  


Be it a play, a film, a commercial, or 20 minute improv set, I'm not afraid to look stupid when in pursuit of something that is compelling and moving.  I love art that is creative, playful, and deeply rooted in truth and that's what I strive to achieve in my work. I value process, patience, passion, and the power of community.  

I credit most of these values to the training I received at the University of Minnesota / Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training Program. It was there that I experienced what it truly meant to be part of a company and how to function as part of a larger organism.  Since graduating, I have studied improvisation at The Groundlings School in Los Angeles and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, as well as have received a certificate in film acting from Boston University's Graduate Program.   


I've been lucky thus far in my career to have worked all over the country at various regional theaters and I hope to continue to be invited into new communities in order to tell great stories.